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Section 1: Introduction (pdf file 573 Kb) 

Waves - Differential equation of waves - Electric and magnetic units - Maxwell equations - Equation of electromagnetic waves - Types of waves - Relations between E,B,k for a plane harmonic wave - Energy flow - Polarization - Stokes parameters - Dielectric refraction and reflection - Fresnel formulae for amplitudes - Transmissivity T and reflectivity R - Singular angles - Dissipative media.
Illustrative programs:
"Ellipola" Polarization ellipse - Compiled - Listed
"Fresnelf" Fresnel formulae - Compiled - Listed

Section 2 : Interference by division of amplitude (pdf file 354 Kb)

Phase difference - Multiple beam interference - Antireflection layers - Matrix calculus of Abeles and Herpin.
Illustrative programs:
"Fairy" Transmitted light under multiple interference - Compiled - Listed

Section 3 : Interference by division of wavefront (pdf file 1,2 Mb)

Huygens - Fresnel principle - Diffraction by slits - Calculation of the diffraction integral - Fraunhofer diffraction - Pupil function - Infinitely wide slit - Circular aperture - Diffraction grating - Back to the principle.
Illustrative programs:
"Elegra" Elementary diffraction grating - Compiled - Listed

Section 4 : Geometrical optics (pdf file 1,01 Mb)

Ray tracing in a centered optical system - Meridional ray tracing - Paraxial rays - Analytical applications of paraxial tracing - Lagrange Invariant - Paraxial aperture, field and pupil - Field lens - Chromatic aberration - Achromatization - Estimation of the secondary spectrum - Use of catalogs - General ray tracing (Evaluation of centered optical systems. Introduction to optical design) - Third order aberrations - Derivation of the aberration polynomial by symmetry considerations - Study of each term - Aberrations á la carte.

Illustrative programs:

"Caustic" Study of spherical aberration - Compiled - Listed
"Distorti" Study of distortion - Compiled - Listed
"Abacart" Aberrations á la carte. Study of compounded aberrations - Compiled - Listed

Section 5 : Applications (pdf file 542 Kb)

Interference by division of amplitude: Fabry-Perot interferometer - Interference filters: Dielectric mirror, Step filter, Multilayer antirreflectants - Interference by division of wavefront:Diffraction grating spectroscopes - Geometrical optics: Design of a refracting telescope objective, Schmidt camera. Theory and design, Correctors with spherical menisci, Field flattener lens


Course Unimoron (pdf file 1,081 Kb)

Films  (pdf file 124kb ) Analysis and optimisation of interference multilayers

Compressed program “FILMS.EXE”  (unzip in individual folder. See the pdf)

Video  Monitoring film triple layer

Video CHAOS (wait for loading and use max. volume)

Asop (pdf file 428 kb ). Analysis of optical systems

Compressed program "ASOP.EXE" (unzip in individual folder)

Compressed program "SPAIR.EXE" (unzip in the same folder)

Program "FOUCAULT"

Program "G-SUM"

Program "POMPA"

Program "TRAPRIS"

Program "PROFILE"

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